Windy cows use methane backpacks to convert wind into green energy

We all get wind and there is no getting away from the fact that it can get rather smelly. The same applies when cows get wind, but while it might be smelly they are also very rich in methane gas along with a fuel source and greenhouse gas. The trouble is that no one likes to sit behind a cow and wait for it to get wind and release it. So how do you capture that gas? Researchers in Argentina have come up with a way to convert the wind into green energy using methane backpacks.


[Image Courtesy of Ecouterre]

Special methane collecting backpacks are being used by the researchers to collect the gas. The backpacks have a tube that is stuck into the rectum of the cow and it collects the gas and stores it in a sack that inflates on the back of the cow.


[Image Courtesy of Ecouterre]

The methane is then purified and compressed before then being used in many ways. For instance the gas can be used to generate electricity, cook, power a refrigerator or even provide power for a small car. At the same time the methane gas is kept out of the atmosphere. The methane backpack concept does need more work and it is being tested and developed along with people looking into the ethics of making the cow wear the backpack and having a tube inserted into its rectum.


[Image Courtesy of Ecouterre]

Via [Ecouterre]