Why white noise is so effective for sleeping and focus

Ever had a hard time focusing or getting to sleep? Listening to white noise makes it possible to keep more focused and get to sleep more easily. But why is this white noise so effective?

White noise is like a tonic signal for your brain, which dampens its own internal system

According to researchers the brain naturally craves sensory input. When it doesn’t get any, or when it’s blocked in some way, it can even start to make things up, making you hear and see things that aren’t there. This is similar to why people in sensory deprivation tanks tend to hallucinate; the brain is robbed of any stimulus and it creates its own. While sleeping during a quiet night, any random noise, whether it be a truck passing by, or the house creaking around you, your brain can become restless, causing you to wake up. A constant white noise gives your brain a tonic signal that dampens its own internal system, and allows it to shut down.

It’s way easier to focus and sleep

In short, white noise is putting your brain in some short of dampened mental state, and therefore it’s easier to focus or sleep. And for the ones that are craving for sleep or lack focus, be sure to check out the ultimate 10 hour white noise video below! (Or, just yank out the coax cable from your TV set, it might do just as well.)