What is the safest spot on a plane?

Everyone that has ever booked a flight has probably asked themselves this one question: what is the best spot in a plane to survive a crash? Well, chances are it’s probably in the back, near the tail of the plane.

It’s the place were the Flight Data Recorder is concealed

But why, you might think? Well, it’s because this is were the so-called FDR or Flight Data Recorder can be found. This ‘black box’ records all the flight data, such as the time stamps when the plane changes direction. As we all know this box is designed in such a manner that it can survive a plane crash in order to allow researchers to investigate what went wrong. If it all does go wrong.

The whole plane functions as a deformation zone

The FDR can always be found in the back of the plane because the whole plane functions as deformation zone. If you could somehow seat yourself close enough to it, it would mean the difference between life and death for a passenger. This obviously only applies when the plane crashes with it’s nose straight to the ground. Furthermore, the FDR is always in a safer spot than we could ever be. Because of it’s three-centimeter thick armor of titanium and heat resistant material. And the fact that it’s much smaller than a person.

In short, although sitting in the back of the plane is much safer, the probability that you die during a plane crash is still rather high. Have fun on vacation, everyone!