Watching this Olympian toast bread makes me feel queasy

Hey there! Having a good day? Enjoyed some toast with your breakfast this morning, maybe? Worked out at all, or planning to later today?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then stop what you’re doing right now, and watch this video that somehow manages to combine all of the above.

image credit: Reddit

A guy with 74cm ø legs

This is Robert Förstemann, a world-class athlete and track cyclist. As you can clearly see, he is built like a tank. And I don’t mean one of those silly modern tanks with their low profiles and compact machinery, no, I mean like the first tanks they used in WW1. And it wouldn’t surprise me too much if it turned out that it takes multiple people to operate Robert as it does his mechanical counterparts.

image credit: Tanks Encyclopedia

All of this is to say nothing about his efficiency, of course, and this is where the analogy breaks down a bit. Using just the strength of his body, Robert is able to put out 700 watts of electrical power, which – well – is that enough to power a toaster?

What better time to find out than right this second?

Toasters. The world-leading measure of strength and endurance.

What kitchen appliance could you power using only your body?

Reflect on this, dearest reader. A man whose legs are the size of some people’s waists, with an Olympic medal-winning level of endurance is just able to toast a slice of bread. There’s something to be said about the inefficiency of a stationary bike in transferring energy from our bodies, but isn’t that just astounding?

He seems to think so. Wanna try disagreeing?

I get tired out riding the bike to the train station, and sometimes feel that even the dynamo powering my lights is asking a bit too much. If it takes the human equivalent of a nuclear reactor to toast a slice of bread, I figure I’ll be able to just about manage an egg timer. What’s your output? Think you’ve got it in you to power up your mixer?

You’ll have to excuse me now, my Fitbit says it’s time for me to get up and move, and I’ll need a proper lie down afterwards. In the meantime, why not enjoy this here video? It’ll just do wonders for your self-esteem