Watch the world’s largest airliner in a scary crosswind landing

Last weekend the Düsseldorf Airport in Germany, was the scene of an extremely tense moment. That’s because an aircraft of the Airbus A380 type, the largest airliner in the world, landed in the midst of an intense windstorm that hit the aircraft sideways during the arrival of an Emirates flight coming from Dubai. The moment captured on video, can be seen in the video above.


It may seem that the aircraft slides only slightly to the left, but the landing was much more complicated than that due to the length of the aircraft compared to the total length of the airstrip. The maximum weight for landing the A380 is 434 tons, which means that at sea level it needs about 1.5 kilometers of airstrip space to land in normal weather conditions.

The shorter of the two runways at Düsseldorf is 2.7 kilometers long, and less than 45 meters above sea level. However, it was raining and the runway was wet when the A380 was landing and the plane touches the airstrip a little later than it should. Therefore, the pilot needed every bit of the the airstrip to slow the aircraft down to the appropriate speed to taxi towards the arrival gate.

As you can see it was quite an impressive crosswind landing, kudos to the pilot!

Via: Flight Club