Toyota files ‘aerocar’ patent for stackable wings

The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota filed for a patent for a car design that can fly thanks to four stackable wings built into the roof which can be deployed individually. The weird patent was finally recognized a few days ago.


On the left side of the image below is a sequence of drawings showing the wings of the vehicle – that resembles a Prius – which can change shape and be deployed separately. On the right, we see the various ways the wings can be set up.


“Flying has always been a dream central to the history of humanity,” reads the patent. “Vehicles (aerocars) that demonstrate such capability provide operators with freedom, comfort and the ability to arrive quickly to a destination as mobility becomes three-dimensional yet remains private and personal.”

Interestingly, the patent registration does not specify any particular type of propulsion for the flying car, and uses very “generic” names such as propeller, rotor and turbine.

image (1)

The most likely explanation for this is that Toyota might be a few steps ahead on the “aerocar” technology and is trying to prevent other companies to register similar projects in the near future. Therefore, although not completely impossible, it is very unlikely that the Japanese company is actually putting a flying car on the market soon.

Via: Daily Mail

Images: Toyota