TOPMIX permeable concrete drains 4,000 liters of water in less than a minute

Natural disasters continue to cause thousands of deaths every year – and the floods are among some of the most common problems in a lot of countries, leaving hundreds of people homeless every year. But it seems that a British building materials and solutions company may have found the solution to the problem.


They created a concrete capable of absorbing up to 4 liters of water in less than a minute and which can be used in road construction. The solution, known as TOPMIX, was developed by Tarmac and promises to be a way to prevent flooding caused by storms, and even prevent car crashes on wet roads.


The permeable concrete works with incorporated drainage channels that allow the surface water to easily drain to an underground reservoir. The water stored in it evaporates in warmer weather also helping to cool the surface. But according to the company, TOPMIX is not recommended for extremely cold places since the stored water could freeze, damaging the floor.


Source: TOPMIX