Top 10 latest technological innovations

Human creativity is endless and technological innovations also seem endless. With this, we present to you the top 10 technological innovations nowadays. Wait for it!

10. The Square

The Square is a credit card reader plugged to your phone. It is a simple and small accessory that is connected to your phone by placing it in the audio input jack. With the Square, payment is just a swipe away from your phone.

technological innovations-the sqare

The Square [Courtesy:]

9. The Uno

The Uno was invented by the 19-year old Poss Gulak. It is a motorcycle with only one tyre. It uses gyro technology to keep its balance. It accelerates by leaning forward and decelerates by leaning backward.

technological innovations-the uno

The Uno [Courtesy:]

8. Biomimicry

As the name implies, Biomimicry is the science of replicating nature. The beak of a kingfisher was used as inspiration to design the nose of Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train. This drastically reduced the noise of the train and also reduced the power cost of running the train. In another instance and by using the human lung as reference, Harvard University invented the Lung-on-a-Chip to bring an end to animal testing.

technological innovations-biomimicry

Shinkansen mimics the kingfisher [Courtesy:]

7. Wind Turbines

With the increasing interest in renewable energy, there have been many attempts to harvest wind energy from wind turbines. The Bahrain World Trade Center for example is the first ever skyscraper to have power supplied to it by wind turbines. It has wind turbines systematically placed between the two buildings. The shape of the buildings were also designed so that the turbines received the maximum amount of wind power possible.

technological innovations-wind turbines

The Bahrain World Trade Center with wind turbines [Courtesy:]

6. Electric Cars

Electric cars run on green energy. They provide a solution to the pollution caused by the current generation of vehicles. They provide no threat to the environment and could be the next generation of cars.

technological innovations-electric cars

An Electric Car [Courtesy:]

5. Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is a reality show. In this show, billionaires and multimillionaires are in a search for a business idea to invest in. Various entreprenuers chasing the American Dream present their ideas. These entrepreneurs must try to convince the investors that their ideas are worth investing in. Shark Tank has been a recipient of the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

technological innovations-shark tank

Shark Tank [Courtesy: ]

4. Jetman

Yves Rossy is a pilot that had an idea to have engine-powered flight for humans and is currently realizing this dream. Yves Rossy currently has jet engines incorporated to the wings of the Jetman. We have showed you Rossy before flying over Dubai a couple of months ago.

technological innovations-jetman

The Jetman [Courtesy:]

3. Vehicle tracking with GPS

Tracking your car has never been easier. With GPS technology incorporated to your car, you can even monitor the location of your car with your smartphone.

technological innovations-car GPS

A car GPS [Courtesy:]

2. WaterMill

WaterMill is a device that can make water out of thin air, literally. It was invented by the Canadian based company Element Four. Element Four hopes this new appliance will become a common household appliance in the near future.

technological innovations-watermill

Watermill [Courtesy:]

1. Moving House

Most of us love our homes but sometimes not necessarily our environment. What if we could move along with our home? In Cambridgeshire, England, a model house was made that “walked” on 6 legs. This house obtained power from solar cells and had a kitchen, a toilet, a rain drainage system, a bedroom and a staircase for entry.

technological innovations walking house

A Walking House [Courtesy:]

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