Top 10 breathtaking innovations with 3D printing

3D printing is an ideal platform for pure innnovation. With a machine that can fit on top of your table, you can create just about anything out of plastic. Humans have an infinite amount of creativity and 3D printing can now realize our ideas. With this, we present to you the top 10 innovations made using 3D printing.

10. Quadcopters

Quadcopters are getting increasingly popular and with 3D printing, making them has never been easier. Quadcopters have a wide range of uses from toys to police drones.

3d printing of quadcopter

A 3D printed quadcopter [Courtesy:]

9. Weapons

One of the most controversial application of 3D printing is the art of weapon making. Being so easy to produce with a 3D printer, it is becoming an increasing concern for safety reasons. Nonetheless, some of the weapons made with 3D printing have been breathtaking.

3d printing of gun

A 3D printed Gun [Courtesy:]

8. Organs

Mina Khan, a two-year old, suffered from a heart defect. Her heart contained holes that became a threat to her life. She would have difficulty breathing, eating, and could barely even grow any hair. Then came Dr Tarique Hussain who used 3D printing to model the girl’s heart. Surgeons used this 3D model to plan a strategy for the surgery that eventually saved this girl’s life. She now lives like a normal child. Such is the power of 3D printing.

3d printing of heart

A 3D printed heart [Courtesy:]

7. Cameras

For people who cannot afford the SLR digital cameras, 3D printing has designed a plastic camera for them as well. This camera was designed to be identical to SLR cameras but at a much lower cost. Sadly, you would have to purchase the lens and film separately.

3d printing of camera

A 3D printed camera [Courtesy:]

6. Space Printing

Back in the day, astronauts had to rely on supplies brought with them from earth. Otherwise, there was no other source.  What if something was unavailable and urgently needed? NASA came up with a brilliant idea of using 3D
printing for creation in space. They designed a 3D printer that could function in space. Now, astronauts can print out various supplies they might need which is less costly and also faster to accomplish.

3d printing in space


5. Food

It may sound strange but there have been efforts to produce meat using 3D printing. 3D printing has been combined with regenerative medicine in order to realize this idea. How would the 3D printed meat compare to the meat we are already used to?

3d printing of meat


4. Vehicles

In September 2014, Local Motors printed out a car in less than 45 hours. The car was electric, light and could actually move. It can reach a top speed of up to 50 mph (80 km/h). Could this be the future of car manufacturing?

3d printing of car

A 3D printed car by Local Motors [Courtesy:]

3. Fetuses

When a couple is expecting a baby, they go to the clinic and see images of their baby on a screen in black and white. This was done using untrasound. Now, 3D printing takes it a step further. It can “print” the baby so one can both see and “feel” how their baby is at that moment.

3d printing of fetus

A 3D printed unborn baby [Courtesy:]

2. Homes

Why hire architects and laborers when 3D printing can make a house for you? As unreal as it might seem,
it is actually achievable. So next time you think of building a house, you might consider 3D printing.
And it’s a lot cheaper! There are also plans to build structures on the moon underway.

3d printing of castle

3D printing of a castle [Courtesy:]

1. Fashion designs and decorations

This is the epitome of 3D printing innovation at the moment. Fashion and personal decorations come down to the creativity of the person using them. Because we are all unique, these creations can be almost anything; ranging from dresses, ear rings or even a customized chandelier. Have a look at some.

3D Printed Cinderella Shoes

3D Printed Cinderella Shoes [Courtesy:]

3D printed selfie

3D printed “selfie” [Courtesy:]

3D printing arm decoration

A 3D printing arm decoration [Courtesy:]

3D printing of iPhone case

A 3D printed iPhone case [Courtesy:]

3D Printing of REX

A 3D Printed REX [Courtesy:]

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