This is how you can understand what a dyslexic experiences

Dyslexia is often pretty underestimated and causes a lot of confusion amongst the ones that don’t have to deal with this condition. To solve this lack of understanding, the graphic designer Daniel Britton created a font for people that don’t have dyslexia.

This typeface mimics the experience

Daniel himself has dyslexia and was often not well understood by his friends and teachers. Therefore he created a typeface that mimics the experience of reading with dyslexia. To mimic this experience he removed about 40 percent of each letter, including its key characteristic. He removed for example the crossbar in the letter “A”.

It’s not designed to show you how the letters look like to a dyslexic person

Although Daniel created the font to mimic the experience its not designed in such a manner that it shows you precisely what the letters look like to a dyslexic person. Instead he designed it in such a way that it slows down normal readers to the pace of someone with dyslexia and teach them about the experience. For example how slowly and painstakingly it can be to figure out what words the letters form.

Britton says, “It simulates the frustration and the work and the outright embarrassment of reading with a disability”. So be sure to check out the typeface and learn more about this ‘invisible’ disease in the video below.