This hair dryer art installation will blow your mind

Antoine Terrieux is a juggler and magician who developed an illusionism show based on the use of physics, combining air currents with a precision that only circus artists could manage to achieve. He fused science and art to create kinetic artworks using different arrangements of hair dryers propelling an impressive continuous motion, such as a paper airplane endlessly flying in circles, a string dancing in the air, or a spinning vortex of water vapor.

Antoine Terrieux’s art installation at La Maison Des Jonglages in La Courneuve near Paris uses the air dryer’s airflow to levitate the objects, making it look quite magical. He often uses this hair dryer technique on stage shows to levitate Styrofoam balls, delighting the audience, but he managed to turn it into art by taking this kinetic show to a museum. Check out the video to see these hair dryers creating gravity-defying works of art.

Via: Sploid