These mesmerizing shroom species will take you down the rabbit hole

Beware before you enter the magical and mystical world of the mushroom. The mushroom is often pretty boring, unless you’re talking about the magical ones of course. The following mushrooms are far from boring; these special ‘shrooms are usually found in the more exotic parts of the world. Take a trip down the rabbit hole, and gaze at these amazing and mesmerizing mushroom species.

1. The Mycena Chlorophos

2. The Rhodotus Palmatus

3. The Phallus Indusiatus

4. The Schizophyllum commune

5. The Amethyst deceiver

6. The Panus Fasciatus

7. The Leratiomyces

8. The Hairy Mycena

9. The Clatus Archeri

10. The Marasmius Haematocephalus