The Scrubba travel daypack is also a washing machine!

Travelers, especially backpackers, must always be careful in choosing which clothes will be essential during their journey, considering the space in their packs are usually quite limited and that they need to laundry often. But this laundry issue may be close to an end with the Scrubba backpack, claiming to be “the lightest and most compact ‘washing machine’ in the world,” allowing you to easily wash your clothes wherever you are.


The invention was created by the Australian Ashley Newland, who was packing for a climbing trip to Kilimanjaro and was faced with the dilemma between the quantity of clothes he would take and the weight of his backpack. It was then that he began to develop the idea of ​​a bag that, besides carrying all his clothes, would wash them without the need of electricity and minimal water use.

The first version of Scrubba was created in 2012, it has undergone many improvements since then and is now on sale for $55. The clothes washing process is quite simple, simply remove the air from the bag, add water and detergent and scrub the clothes inside the backpack or stir for a few minutes. Finally, replace the dirty, soapy water with clean water to rinse the clothes.


A new upgrade in the old model is planned for the end of the year and promises to be more functional, with different pockets for clean clothes, dirty clothes, credit cards and cell phone. The backpack can also be folded into the size of a soda can and be easily carried inside your luggage.











Source: Scrubba and Indiegogo

Images source: Scrubba