The LeefCo iBridge adds storage to the iPhone

The Apple iPhone may be one of the best phones on the market and it has many fans, but one thing the device doesn’t have is an expansion slot. Instead they offer iCloud but this isn’t the same thing and if you would like to be able to carry around your media you might want to take a look at the expansion that the Leefco iBridge gives iPhone users.

[Image Courtesy of Leefco/Coolthings]

The iBridge is a bridge between a computer and the phone as one end has the typical USB and the other comes with the Lightening connector. It is in a very unusual J shaped design and this happens to work extremely well. The dongle is at the back and this allows it to sit flush with the phone, making it easy to hold. There is also some flexibility along the curve and if you need you can open it wider so that it accommodates a thicker case and you don’t have to remove it.


[Image Courtesy of Leefco/Coolthings]

The device has caps on the end that cover up both of the plugs and this allows you to hang it on the loop of a bag or carabiner so you don’t lose it when out and about. The device works in the same way as any other thumb drive when plugged into a computer, this allows you to drag and drop files such as music onto the device, which you can then plug into the iPhone.


[Image Courtesy of Leefco/Coolthings]

When plugging it into the iPhone the iBridge app is launched and this offers the options of settings, content viewer, transfer files and camera. The transfer allows you to transfer to the device and back and this is fast. The content viewer allows for watching movies, reading, looking at photos and listening to audio. It is superb for using with the iPad too for watching large movie files.


[Image Courtesy of Leefco/Coolthings]

The camera allows you to take photos using the camera of the device and save them in the iBridge app. iBridge can also be used for backing up contacts and then restoring them. The iBridge is available in different sizes, starting from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The 16GB version is $59 and at the top end of the scale the 256GB version is available for $399.

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[Image Courtesy of Leefco/Coolthings]

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