The June intelligent oven will help you become a better cook

If you love to cook but can’t quite get it right every time, get ready for the release of the June intelligent oven, the new smart oven that promises to help you prepare any meal by recognizing what food is being put into it and choosing the perfect cooking program.

Much like a conventional electric oven on the outside, the smart oven actually has a lot of technology that makes it like no other. Not only does it have supercomputer brains -NVIDIA Tegra K1 with 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and 192 CUDA GPU cores- it also counts with Wi-Fi connectivity and a full HD camera.

The camera is the equipment responsible for helping June identify the food inside, with the help of algorithms and an integrated scale, and from there suggest the temperature and the cooking time based on the user’s taste. The camera also shows real-time preparation of the food, streaming live videos through a phone application, which allows these images to be shared on social networks.

All this technology can be easily controlled through the application, which also allows those who are using the appliance to choose the perfect cooking program and to alter it at any time if needed. The oven still will also send notifications when the food is ready or when it’s time to, for example, flip the steak. Still, perhaps the most interesting point is the oven’s engineering for precision heating. The June is able to calculate the exact temperature for each dish and Digital TRIAC controllers meticulously manage the oven’s temperature in order to keep it precise.

The June smart ovens should reach the market in 2016. It’s possible to pre-order an oven on their website for US$ 95 or wait until next year to get it for  US$ 140.

Via: Wired