The Immortus solar car charges as you drive

One of the main challenges encountered by users of electric cars is the difficulty to charge the vehicles. First, it is not always easy to find a place to charge your car. Secondly, because even when you do find a charging spot, charging usually takes at least half an hour. For this reason, many initiatives have been showing up looking to overcome this difficulty. We have showed you the road that charges electric cars as you drive, and now a new type of vehicle could also be a great alternative thanks to its solar panel that recharges the batteries while you drive.


We are talking about The Immortus solar car, developed by the Australian company EVX Ventures. Besides its futuristic design and room for two people, the car has greater autonomy, and may be driven for a whole day without stopping to recharge. And all of that with only a small 10kWh battery.


But its not all wonders: in order to make the battery last all day, drivers will need to maintain an average speed of 60km/h. Driving at an average speed of 85km/h, the battery should last for about 550Km – which is also not bad at all. On days with no sunlight or during the night, it is estimated  to travel a maximum distance of 400Km.


The vehicle is not for sale yet, but it is estimated that only 100 units will be offered at an average price of US$370,000.



Source and images:  EVX Ventures

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