Text message is sent to Swedish blood donors when they save a life

Blood donation in some of the high income countries around the globe has been on the increase over the last decade by as much as 25%, there is still the need for more volunteers. The NHS Blood and Transport organisation in the UK said recently that in the UK the amount of blood donors has dropped by 40% compared to the same time 10 years ago. They are hoping to attract around 204,000 volunteer this year in order to ensure that stocked blood remains at a safe level. In Sweden the rates have been on the decline too but they have come up with a novel way of attracting people to donate. They send a text message to those who donated when blood has been used to save the life of another person.


[Image Courtesy of ScienceAlert]

A spokesperson for the Blodcentralen in Sweden said that they wanted to offer something back to blood donors and sending a text message was a great way of doing this as it’s a great feeling knowing that you helped to save a life.

The text message is automated and thanks the donor for supplying a donation and then updates that person whenever their blood is used to help someone. The program has been going for three years and has received positive results.

The service may begin in Australia where just 1 in 30 people donate. They are hoping to boost the amount of people giving blood in order to be able to meet demands in the future. It is hoped that retailers along with brand names and celebrities will help to encourage people to give blood and maybe the text messages will help in the promotion of blood donation in other parts of the world.

Via [ScienceAlert]