Tempescope physically simulates the weather forecast in a box

Before leaving the house you most likely wonder things like: “Should take a jacket? What about an umbrella? Will it rain?”. And there’s definitely nothing worse than leaving the house without an umbrella, then it starts to rain on your way to work. That is why most of us have gotten used to the habit of checking weather forecast apps on a daily basis in order to avoid getting caught in the rain. But sometimes you might forget to check the weather, right? Well, not if you have a Tempescope at home – it’s the weather “crystal ball”, but in a glass box, which provides an ambient physical display of the weather outside.


Developed by Japanese designer Ken Kawanmoto, the device simulates the weather inside your living room. The gadget is controlled via wireless and creates meteorological aspects, such as rain, fog, humidity, lightning, sunny days, among others. With Tempescope you can check out how the weather is going to be the next day, therefore knowing exactly what to wear and not be unpleasantly surprised the next day.

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Kawanmoto decided to make Tempescope an open source project, providing online guidelines so that any one with technical programming skills can make their own box of weather. However, for those who know nothing about programming and still want a Tempescope, a team is currently preparing for a crowd funding campaign starting sometime in 2015, in order to make a commercial version of it.

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Source: Tempescope