Skarp raises $2 million on Kickstarter in less than 10 days

Skarp is redefining something that we all use, a razor. While it looks like a conventional razor, it works in a completely different way. Instead of using the old fashioned blade, Skarp razor uses lasers to cut your hair, and that is what makes this design very interesting.



[Source: Kickstarter]

The laser is designed to cut through the hair at a very close shave, making it feel smoother than ever. Another interesting aspect of this design is that it is claimed to leave no scratches, razor burns, infections, itches, accidental cuts and irritations. You also no longer need to replace cartridges, which are known to be quite expensive. One Skarp razor is estimate to last you a very long time, thanks to the laser’s 50,000-hour life span.

Fun fact: Did you know that up to 2 BILLION razor or razor heads are disposed in the United States alone?

How does it work?

The cutting of hair with lasers is not particularly new to us. In fact, a certain wavelength of light capable of cutting thick hair has already been discovered. However, in this context, it had very limited application since people with light hair would not be able to benefit from it. So, Morgan Gustavsson MBBS, went in search of a way to cut not just thick hair, but any hair.

And he did it in 2009. After over a decade of research, Morgan discovered a chromophore in human hair that gets cut when it comes in contact with a certain wavelength of light. These so-called chromophores are particles within the human hair that have the ability to absorb certain wavelengths of light. What is interesting about this discovery is the fact that this chromophore is present in every single human being, meaning that this laser could be used to cut the hair of any person, irrespective of gender or race.

In 2013, Morgan partnered with Paul Binun in an attempt to make the world’s first ever laser powered razor. And they made it. Fast-forward to September 22nd, 2015 and their product, Skarp, is on Kickstarter seeking capital to finally make their dream a reality. Their aim was to generate $160,000 worth of capital but as of October 2nd, they already had $2.7 million with 16 days to go!

If you are interested in what they are doing and would like more information or perhaps even back their project, check out their Kickstarter Campaign.

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