Samsung design a monitor to wirelessly charge smartphones

Smartphone owners have made use of wireless charging for many years; however the technology has needed a special charging pad. Samsung are changing this has they have come up with a design for a monitor that can charge smartphones wirelessly.
The SE370 might look just like any other monitor when first looking at it. The monitor is available in a choice of 23.6 or 27 inch configuration and is offered with a blue and white finish. However if you take a closer look at the stand you can see that it contains the Qi charging pad of Samsung which is built into the display base in the centre.

[Image Courtesy of Samsung]

Many people rest their phone close to them on the desk when working on a computer so the logical thing is to offer a place to rest the phone where it can charge. To charge the phone all the user has to do is place the phone on the stand of the monitor and it will charge automatically and an LED light will come on to remind the user that the device is charging.Of course only devices that are compatible with Qi will charge with the new monitor. Other devices that use such as Powermat for charging wirelessly will not work with the monitor.

There is a huge amount of research going on into wireless charging technology and people are coming up with some ingenious ideas when it comes to charging. Researchers in the US looked into a way of charging mobiles by using magnetic fields which were up to 30 centimetres away from the charger. An electronics company have also come up with what they call WattUp technology that is able to charge as many as 12 devices when they are up to 4.5 metres from the charging station.

Via [ScienceAlert]