Redesigned Bubble Wrap doesn’t pop!

It seems the Bubble Wrap popping days are close to an end. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sealed Air Corp., the original creator of the most entertaining packaging in the world, designed a new version of the product – the iBubble Wrap. And sadly, this new bubble wrap lost it’s pop! This is because the bubbles are interconnected, so when you press one of them, the air goes to the neighboring bubbles. Quite depressing.


Image by The Wall Street Journal

The new version was designed to save space and facilitate transportation to the costumers. That’s because the iBubble Wrap comes in flat plastic sheets that are only inflated when the retailers are ready to pack the final product, different than the common bubble wrap, which comes pre-inflated. The strategy can help attract more costumers since the cost of storage and transportation will be much lower. According to the company, a roll of iBubble Wrap occupies one-fiftieth of the space occupied by the original version.

AP Photo/Christopher Barth.

AP Photo/Christopher Barth.

The iBubble Wrap is not exactly new, since several companies have already been using it to pack sensitive products, such as laptop computers and other electronics. The difference is that now the product is going to be used by major retailers in the US, such as And the reason to switch from one to the other is quite plausible since transportation of this material is much cheaper, and online retailers can save a lot of space in their warehouses.

There are still some negatives to this new design such as the extra work in inflating it and the need to purchase the company’s air pump in order to do so. The pump costs US$ 5,500 but the company expects to lower the price to US$ 1,000 by 2017. But the space and money savings seems to outweigh these cons.

Source: The Wall Street Journal