Power8 Workshop is a full workshop that fits in a portable case

A very interesting mobile tool set has been circulating on the Internet and we decided to look into it. The Power8 workshop is a cordless power tool set that uses an innovative design to allow tools to fit into a small case and have more than twice as much functionality.


It actually consists of different tools that can connect to the same wireless base, bringing convenience and portability to DIY enthusiasts. The kit also comes in a box that can turn into a workbench where you can fit all of the same hand-held tools to give them more stability.


This mobile workshop is composed of a wireless base which supplies power to different tools such as a circular saw, flashlight, drill, and a jigsaw. All of which can be connected to the case where all the tools come in and become a benchtop tool.


Apparently, the components can easily snap into place and have security mechanisms to prevent accidents. To increase precision while you work, the set comes with a ruler and square. To charge the battery simply plug it in and wait for an hour for full charge. All the tools can fit into a sturdy canvas bag that come with it and that fits neatly into the durable steel armored case.

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