Pangea is just one of the few supercontinents in the history of the Earth

When we think about what the surface of the Earth first looked like, our minds often go to Pangea, the single supercontinent dominating much of the planet’s surface.

But did you know that Pangea is just the most recent supercontinent? In fact, it occurred relatively late in the history of the Earth, at around 300 million years ago.

The Earth is going through so-called Wilson cycles

For some reason Pangea got stuck in the public consciousness. But, it’s a relatively well-established idea that the Earth is going through supercontinent phases cyclically, known as Wilson cycles. This means that the formation of supercontinents happens with some frequency.

There have been at least six supercontinents

During the history of the Earth, there have been a fair number of supercontinents. According to researchers there have been at least six of them. Although there’s one difficulty: finding evidence for them gets more problematic the farther back in time you go. Some have questioned just how long the supercontinent cycle has been taking place.

Check the impression below to see what the Earth may have looked like, and be sure to watch the video to learn more about supercontinents!