Paleisbrug Is A Dutch Bridge That Doubles As A Raised Park

Increasing the amount of green areas in cities is essential to break the heaviness of concrete in urban centers. The Paleisbrug – Palace Bridge was recently opened to the public in the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The structure is a raised park for pedestrians and cyclists, which connects the old town to the Paleiskwartier neighborhood on the other side of the tracks. The bridge has plenty of green areas, seats, floor-heating, WI-FI and LED lighting.


The bridge was designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects and is 250 meters long, with a total area of ​​2500 m². The structure was built with weather-proof steel to prevent corrosion, which ensures it will last at least 100 years, without the need for repairs. In addition to that, the bridge also has a solar energy collection system which should also contribute to preserving the space since this energy is used to melt ice during the winter, exempting the use of salt, therefore preserving it from salt corrosion.

The project was carried out to ensure comfort, functionality, safety and mobility for the residents. The bridge connects two parts of the city and also makes it safer to cross over the railroad tracks. The park is quite inviting for people to sit on the benches, relax, enjoy the scenery, plants and flowers scattered around the bridge. During the night, LED illumination will be used to reduce the consumption of electricity.

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Source: Benthem Crouwel Architects

Via: Treehugger