New storage chip from Intel is 1,000 times quicker than flash

Intel has come up with a new storage chip and they say that it is tougher and faster than what any of the competition has to offer and it is in production. 3D Xpoint is 1,000 times faster than NAND architecture which is seen in the majority of solid state drives and flash memory. It doesn’t have transistors and instead it relies on bulk material property change in order to switch bits from low to high resistance states. The memory cells then go into an intricate 3D checkboard pattern that is layered and which has 10 times the density of conventional memory.

[Image Courtesy of Google]

The industry has been searching for decades to find ways to reduce the amount of lag between the data and processor to make faster analysis and this non-volatile memory is able to achieve the goal. With it will come performance to storage solutions and memory that will be game changing.

At the moment the limitations of the memory are not clear. Intel has also managed to single out fraud detection along with disease tracking as early applications along with analysing data in real time. The chip may also be used in applications such as immersive gaming if the chip was brought to the personal computer. Benefits of the chip are that it is non-volatile and durable and it is aimed at long term storage solutions. Being able to access the data fast could mean new applications for everyday services.

Via [TheVerge]