Mr. Baugh, world’s first ‘real’ bionic man

Prosthetic legs to robotic arms we know all about. But that’s all nothing in comparison to the first real bionic man, Mr. Baugh. Baugh lost his arms as a teenager, and engineers at Johns Hopkins are trying to give them back.

These robotic limbs will feel like they’re part of your body

Baugh is currently testing a robotic prosthetic that he can control with his mind. That is pretty amazing, the arms are connected directly to the nerve endings that were left by the dual amputation surgery.

When the brain thinks ‘open your hand,’ it fires neurons to these nerve endings, but because there isn’t anything left you will get that phantom limb feeling.

Sensors are connected to the still functioning nerve endings

To let the mind control the robotic arm, the nerve endings have an array of sensors attached to them. By doing this, the brain will think it’s controlling your own arm. This could be the first big leap for mankind in the direction of the real bionic man. Pretty amazing, right?

Want to learn more about the real bionic man, be sure to check out the video below!