Mother nature has a built-in fail-safe to make sure there are enough boy babies

credit: Patterns of Success

I always thought that whether you have a boy or girl is decided at random, and you have a 50/50 shot at getting a boy or a girl. Yet, lately all I hear when someone’s pregnant is “It’s a boy!”. This got me wondering if there is some sort of set pattern regarding the birth of more boys than girls. It turns out there is! For every 100 girls born, there are 106 boys born, but why is that?

Male babies have a higher death rate

Male foetuses have a higher risk of being miscarried or still born than female foetuses. Boy babies that do survive birth, are still more likely to perish early than females because they are more reckless and take more risks. So mother nature has a built in fail-safe to make sure there will be plenty of males by the time the females are ready to reproduce.


When times are tough, fewer boys are born

During difficult times, when resources are scarce, mother nature suppresses boy babies’ survival in the womb. The reason for this is that females are much more likely to ensure the survival of the species, since there will always be some horny male willing to procreate with multiple of women. If there are lots of males around, they need to compete with each other for the right to mate, so there will always be some males who don’t get to score, and thereby they will not be able to pass on their genes.

For more information as to why there are more boy babies than girl babies, check out the video by MinuteEarth!