Mercedes Benz unveils new Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept

This time, it’s all about the future. Recently, Mercedes Benz unveiled a new design concept, the Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile (IAA). This design is unlike anything we have ever seen before from Mercedes.

The IAA is a 5 meter long vehicle that is designed to take just four people in unparalleled comfort. Although the visual design is quite impressive itself, the main focus point of the IAA design is it’s aerodynamic abilities.

When the IAA reaches a speed of 50 mph, or at the push of a button, the car literally transforms in various places. You might ask, “well, what’s the point?”. Well this transformation causes the reduction of the car’s coefficient of drag from 0.25 to an impressive 0.19!

mercedes benz IAA

[Image Courtesy of Mercedes Benz]

How the IAA transforms after 50 mph

According to Mercedes, “the Mercedes Benz ‘Concept IAA’ (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) performs a fascinating transformation in which the captivatingly beautiful four-door coupé turns into an aerodynamics world champion: eight segments extend at the rear, increasing its length by up to 390 millimetres; front flaps in the front bumper extend by 25 mm to the front and 20 mm to the rear, improving the air flow around the front end and the front wheel arches; the Active Rims alter their cupping from 55 mm to zero; and the louvre in the front bumper moves 60 mm to the rear, improving the underbody air flow.”


[Image Courtesy of Mercedes Benz]

This might seem like Sci-Fi for a minute but actually, there is a car that does something similar out there – the Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti Veyron is the world’s fastest production car and it also alters its shape at high speeds to improve its aerodynamic properties. But of course the main difference is that the IAA breaks the limit of automobile shapeshifting.

“Fascinating and technically sophisticated cars form the core of Mercedes-Benz. The ‘Concept IAA’ applies intelligent innovations to resolve the conflicting aims of functionality and aesthetics and shows that we still have plenty of ideas on how to achieve further improvements in efficiency,” said Prof. Dr Thomas Weber, a member of the Daimler Board of Management responsible for Group Research and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Development.


[Image Courtesy of Mercedes Benz]

Other useful Information

The IAA has a top speed that is electronically limited to 150 mph. It is 5040 millimeters long in the normal mode and 5430 millimeters in the aerodynamic mode. The wheelbase is measured at 2975 millimeters while the front and rear track widths are 1710 and 1770 millimeters respectively. The car will be powered by a hybrid system that runs on both petrol and electricity.

Source: Mercedes Benz