McBike Targets Urban Bikers with Clever Food Courier

McDonald’s has always been great at involving itself with social trends to be time and culture relevant. The quality of food has been the subjects of jokes and criticism, with astronomical calorie count in burgers and eerie aging (or lack thereof) in the products. In spite of the backlash, ingenious marketing campaigns and PR tactics have kept the chain in business for over 60 years and in 119 countries across the globe, while still garnering titles like, Most Trusted Fast Food in America.

The massively successful franchise just launched their newest project aiming to jump on the sustainable energy bandwagon. Bicycle commuting has experienced exponential growth in the past 15 years with stats of up to 105% in larger “bike friendly communities”. McDonald’s recognized this flourishing trend and sought to capitalize on this growing demographic by re-engineering a product packaging format to be handlebar friendly, allowing the biker to not have to fuss with food transit issues.


The innovative structure has a drink holder on the bottom, stabilizing the sometimes most high-maintenance part of the meal. The fries and burger are secured on top, keeping the warm foods together, with a clever hook allowing your meal to be toted hands-free, hanging from the handle bars. The package also taps into nostalgic emotions of getting a happy meal box when you were a kid, that kids don’t get today (seriously though, bring back Happy Meal boxes). Trusting that you are not a professional BMX biker in NYC, this bar-dangling package is a pretty cool and ideal for hungry commuters on the go.


Only a handful of bike friendly cities will be testing out this meal-tote prototype, which include Copenhagen and Medellin, Colombia with Tokyo and Amsterdam to possibly be added on the tour. With any luck and success in these thriving cities, the McBike meal courier, will eventually be brought to a city near you.