Man tests number of iPhones needed to stop an AK-74 bullet

The iPhone is a brilliant piece of innovation. The design and user friendliness of the iPhone ensure that consumers remain ever loyal to the brand. One other feature of the iPhone that is very popular with consumers is the iPhone’s rigidity. The iPhone could fall a countless number of times and still maintain its physical appearance. But can the iPhone withstand an AK-74 bullet?

ak-74 bullet aimed at lined up iPhones

Six iPhones lined up before being fired with an AK-74 bullet [Courtesy:]

A Youtube Channel, EverythingApplePro, decided to put the iPhone’s robustness to test. They lined up six iPhones and had an AK-74 loaded up. Their plan was to shoot an AK-74 bullet at the 6 iPhones and see how many iPhones the AK-74 bullet would penetrate. Here is what they found out.

Source: Wonderful Engineering