Maguss wand turns you into a wizard in the real world

Back in 1974, when Gygax’s TSR rolled out Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), there was a general perception that only nerds and geeks were playing. That assumption turned out to be about as wrong as wrong can be. A generation of very, very successful entrepreneurs cut their teeth on D&D, and went on to create a multi-billion dollar industry of computer and online gaming. Not only did they make (and are still making) huge money, but the candle they lit back then is burning brightly with creativity as well. New worlds, societies, galaxies – All filled with an amazingly rich palette of story lines, plots, and characters. Of course, all that fun springs from a single source – Our own imagination. 

Next, consider the Society for Creative Anachronism, and you’re left with the distinct impression that we humans like to play; and above all, we like to play live, out and about, with our fellow human beings – That is the direction RPGs seem to be headed – it’s called Live Action Role Play, and frankly, it’s a good thing.

That concept, creating what the Danish company Maguss calls, “the most epic role-play gaming experiences ever,” has lead to a pretty darn cool Kickstarter campaign – the Maguss gaming system. A primary goal of the Maguss experience is to, “make our games as fun as possible while making sure we get players away from the computer and start active physical role-playing.” In other words, Maguss is interested in creating a great game that promotes good old, healthy exercise as well – That’s been a beloved human endeavor for thousands of years, and it certainly seems like a good time to make it a focus once again.

This inaugural Maguss game is wizard and wizardry based, and as such, you just gotta have a wand. With that tool in hand, players become the game characters, not merely the controllers thereof. The stage, the set, the arena is wherever you wish it to be – All the world’s a stage, and this one is yours. The wand, coupled with a receiver and the Maguss mobile app, makes up the system that allows interactive role play.

The wand, (made of plastic or wood, depending on what you can and wish to afford), contains a motion sensor and an infrared light emitting diode that, “allows the wand to recognize delicate motions and pass it to the receiver.” The receiver takes on the form of a coat of arms, which can also be customized, of course. The receiver interacts with the Maguss app on your smart phone, sends received signals to Maguss servers, where data is processed and results returned to the players. Activating Battle Mode on your smart phone allows a player to challenge or be challenged by another wizard, and the fight is on. Specific movements cast specific spells, and sound effects help the player to know the score as battle progresses; there are specific spells for attacking, defending, and supporting.

There’s an info-graphic on the Maguss Kickstarter page that explains things further, along with a lot more info about game play and future plans for expansion.

If this sounds like your kind of magic, by all means, check out the Kickstarter campaign and jump aboard; the company is about 25% along the way to their goal with 19 days to go. The range of suggested donations is extremely reasonable, starting at around US$5, with the genuine package yours for the asking at only US$57 – Don’t hesitate too long for that deal, though – There are only 13 spots left to snap up.

Check out Maguss on Facebook as well.

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