Lovely is the Intimate gadget can track your activity in bed

Lovely is an intimate gadget for couples that can track their activity in bed and it links up to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The gadget is able to track such as the number of thrusts, the top speed and calories burnt during the couples foray. The device then used the data it gathers and can then recommend different positions from 120 different ones. Along with gathering data it also offers stimulation.


[Image Courtesy of Lovely]

The smart sex toy vibrated and one size fits all with the battery lasting for about seven hours if the vibration is not used and if it is used it should last for around two hours. The Lovely device is suitable for all couples and comes with its own inductive charging station along with having two LEDs that show off its status.

[Image Courtesy of Lovely]

A sex and relationship expert, Reid Mahalko said that the gadget is versatile as along with using it on the penis it can be used on a finger, a dildo or it can be used by yourself. In fact the gadget is only limited by the imagination of the person using it. At the moment the Lovely gadget is on Indiegogo and you can make a pledge of $100 to get your hands on one when it is ready to ship. If all goes to plan the device should ship in June 2016.

Via [Dailymail]