Lost Items From Stone Age Found After Glaciers Melt

We have all had moments when we lose things. Keys for instance are one thing that regularly goes missing along with rings falling from fingers down the back of the sofa. People losing things is not just limited to modern times, the same thing has happened for centuries and it seems that our ancestors had the same issue. Archaeologists in Norway have researched melting glaciers and they have found items that have been lost which date back to the Stone Age.


[Image Courtesy of Oppland County]

Around 7,000 years ago the Earth went through a warm period and then this was followed by centuries of cold weather, leaving Norway blanketed in thick layers of ice. Now that we are experiencing climate changes, it is getting warmer and this has resulted in the ice melting to reveal layers that have been hidden for many years.


[Image Courtesy of Oppland County]

Lars Pilo and his team of archaeologists have found artifacts such as small tools, shoes and shafts from arrows along with hiking staves and horse skulls dating back to the Viking era. It is thought that they may have passed away while on a difficult trek going over mountains. The personal items might have fallen out of pockets and got lost just as we lose things today.


[Image Courtesy of Oppland County]

The majority of artifacts were found on a mountain route that people often took when heading to neighbouring villages and summer homes. Most of the items have been small knives or arrows used in hunting but the archaeologists have also found more personal items such as mittens and shoes. In the Rocky Mountains and Andes items are also being found as the ice is melting away and revealing the treasures which have been hidden below for many thousands of years. When put together in a collection, they will go towards giving people a glimpse into the lives of people who lived during the Stone Age.


[Image Courtesy of Oppland County]

Via [Inhabitat]