Intuitive fast pitch tent from Hemiplanet with price tag of £3,800

Hemiplanet have designed a tent that they claim can be set up in just four minutes. The tent is intuitive and the basic two man model comes in at £280, while if you want something more advanced it will set you back £3,800. For this you get the robust and extremely stable version of the tent, which should be able to withstand winds of up to 110mph.

heimplanet maverick 10 person 1.jpg

[Image Courtesy of Philip Ide]

With festival season approaching, now is the time to start looking for a new tent and of course at festival time the weather in the UK generally brings wind and rain. Rather than having to deal with ropes and pegs to tie down your tent, Hemiplanet has designed an inflatable tent. There are three tents in their range and the base camp-style structured one costs £3,800 and has the name of the Maverick. Of course this could be classed as overkill for a festival and you may want to go for the three man middle range Cave model which comes in at £450.


[Image Courtesy of Philip Ide]

For this money you only get the tent and as the tent is inflatable you need to buy a foot pump or spend the whole festival trying to blow it up, providing you have a good set of lungs. The company claims the tent can be put up in 4 minutes and it takes a good minute to get it just out of the bag it’s packed in.


[Image Courtesy of Philip Ide]

Luckily it does blow up relatively easy and you can actually inflate the tent in 4 minutes, which is good news if it’s raining and blowing a gale. Of course there is a downside to an inflatable tent and that is you are at risk of someone carelessly throwing away a cigarette and puncturing a hole in your tent.


[Image Courtesy of Philip Ide]

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