Injured robots are now even able to adapt and learn how to walk again

There is one thing that we humans still have over robots, and that is the ability to adapt. For example, when we hurt ourselves, we’re usually able to just move on. Robots are usually programmed to deal with specific situations, and in case of a broken part they won’t be able to do their task. Well not anymore.

Researchers developed a way to make robots ‘instinctive’

The researcher Jean-Baptiste Mouret and his team developed a method to make robots more ‘instinctive’. In case of a fault, (such as the loss of one of its feet,) the robot will use its onboard camera to detect that something is preventing it from walking onward. But instead of just analyzing the problem, the robot tries out new motion patterns until it finds one that enables it to walk again.

It only needs two minutes to figure out the best way

This solution means that the robot only needs two minutes to figure out the best way to start walking again. To learn more about this innovative solution, read the Nature article and be sure to check out the video below!