GoSun Grill is the solar oven that can cook during the night

The GoSun Grill began life on Kickstarter and has been a great success, being a brand new redesign of a modern grill. The grill is now available for pre-order and it is said to be able to cook faster, boil and fry enough quantity for eight people without the need for fuel as it works on solar power day or night, with the thermal battery accessory.


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There are many benefits to the GoSun Grill and anyone can use it to cook without the risk of burning the food. All you need to do is set the grill up and you are ready to go. Thanks to the fact that the grill cooks without fuel, transporting it around is easy, and so is cleaning up after cooking. The grill cooks the food evenly and at the same time it keeps in the moisture.


[Image Courtesy of GoSunStove]

As there is no fuel involved you can take it anywhere, including the deck, the park or even the beach, it is fully portable. What makes the GoSun Grill stand out above other grills is the fact that the grill is able to retain the heat it takes from the sun during the day allowing people to cook long after the sun has gone down.


[Image Courtesy of GoSunStove]

The GoSun Grill features a stainless steel insulated lid, steel panels with enamel, an aluminium tray and it comes with soft touch rubber grips. It has rubber feet which means it is stable, a frame of stainless steel and mirrored aluminium reflectors. It remains cool to the touch so there is no risk of getting burnt and due to it retaining a high level of moisture the grill is a healthy option.


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The Thermal Battery add-on pack is claimed to be a breakthrough in innovation as it is this that captures the heat allowing the grill to be used while it’s cloudy and raining or at night. The idea for the battery came about after working in the rainy season in Guatemala. A pilot study had participants using the grill daily; however they needed to be able to cook when it was raining. Essentially it began life as a sand filled battery and after testing for a year a medium was found that was able to hold a large amount of heat along with being able to emit the heat while remaining at an even temperature to ensure optimal cooking.


[Image Courtesy of GoSunStove]

The GoSun Grill is available for pre-order for the special price of $499.00. The regular price will be $549.00, with delivery expected to take place in October 2015.


[Image Courtesy of GoSunStove]

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