Get lost in this “Finding Nemolike” Jellyfish Lake

I think that jellyfish are the most beautiful and alien-like creatures that live on this Earth. And diving enthusiast and Youtuber mikeyk730 posted recently a new video that just seems like a scene straight out of Finding Nemo.

The Jellyfish Lake is sort of isolated from the ocean

He recorded this video at the so-called Jellyfish Lake, an isolated marine lake on one of the small islands of Palau in the Pacific Ocean. Although, the lake is sort of isolated, it is technically connected to the ocean via small tunnels and fissures in the limestone reefs nearby.

The jellyfish don’t have any natural predators

The reason why the population of jellyfish is so big is because there is a lack of natural predators. Therefore, it’s one of the few places on Earth with such an extensive jellyfish population. Furthermore, the stingers of these jellyfish are far less powerful than the ones of their cousins in the ocean. This is why you can safely swim through this extensive field of jellyfish, unless you’re allergic.

To experience it first hand and dive into this wonderful Finding Nemolike jellyfish world, check out the video below!