Former WWII bomb shelter turned into futuristic hydroponic farm

How nice it is to see things evolving and changing in a positive way in the midst of this chaotic world. Like the futuristic hydroponic farm Growing Underground in London, which makes use of a former bomb shelter 30 meters underground to produce food with zero carbon emissions, helping the environment and our health.


The space was originally built to serve as a bomb shelter designed to house and protect the lives of nearly 8,000 people from air strikes during the WWII, but has remained abandoned for more than 70 years. These long tunnels in Clapham are now home to vertically stacked hydroponic plant beds, resulting in nutritious pesticide-free produce.


The initiative of entrepreneurs Richard Ballard and Steven Dring proves that the absence of the sun can very well be compensated by LED lighting technology and reduce water consumption by 70% compared to open fields. A computer is responsible for automatically maintaining the appropriate air flow, temperature and nutrients, which directly influence the quality of the product.

Currently the site grows watercress, radish, pea shoots, coriander, mustard leaves, among others. The farm is estimated to produce between 11,000-44,000 pounds of crops annually its fully operational.









Via: Bloomberg

Source and Images: Growing Underground