Drone captures stunning images of Iceland

Most people have already read about or heard thousands of reasons to visit Iceland and completely fall in love with the country. From the breathtaking Northern Lights to hidden natural pools or even the incredible sunsets you can catch at the most beautiful places, and these are just a few reasons to include the most peaceful country in the world in your next trip.


The Polish photographer Jakub Polomski did not miss the opportunity to visit the area, where he spent two weeks in July. Accompanied by a drone, he used his camera to capture amazing photos that show the natural diversity of Iceland. Lakes, waterfalls, and the unique geography were captured perfectly through the lens of photographer in beautiful aerial photographs. It’s breathtaking to see how technology can be used to create such beautiful art.

DJI_0271 (1) DJI_0277 DJI_0587 DJI_0887 DJI_0201 DJI_0151 DJI_0049 DJI_0420

All images by Jakub Polomski