Drill the BullsEyeBore

Lasers are one of the coolest stuffs to be used in our daily life! There are laser guns, so called laser swords, laser welding, laser cutting to name a few. Yes lasers are also used to drill holes on really really hard metals but let’s see what BullseyeBore have got for us!


Courtesy Bullseyebore

Yes, the name is indeed cruel and terrifying but no, the BullseyeBore doesn’t drill a hole but it is an intelligent idea of an attachment to your conventional hand drill which helps you drill perfect straight holes like a pro! Now the technology used here is pretty smart. The battery powered bullseyebore simply projects a set of 3 concentric laser rings on the wall or surface that you are drilling. The inner two rings are stationary and don’t distort wheres the outer ring distorts and loses its concentricity thus indicating the extent of deflection and will remain so as long as you are drilling straight. As soon as you have shook from your straight path the outer ring distorts and thus give you a feedback of your path so that you can correct it by making the three circles appear concentric again.


However another function of the outer laser ring is to measure the depth of hole as its diameter of projection will be reducing as the drill bit penetrates deeper. The Bullseyebore should be a really convenient and a ‘must have’ accessory in your toolkit since it can be used along with just any drill and on any orientation either walls or floors or roof. This thing is sure to get your job done damn easier, tidier and pretty economical too. Well the sad part is that this gizmo hasn’t yet hit the stores and its manufacturers are still developing the tool for further improvement.

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