China and the U.S become partners as high-speed trains set to join LA and Las vegas

China and the U.S become partners as high-speed trains set to join LA and Las vegas

China has finally struck a deal with the U.S. on the construction of high-speed trains in the United States. This is the first rail line project to be done by China in the United States. It will connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas with the trains expected to travel at a speed of 150 mph.

It is called XpressWest. When XpressWest first brought up the idea of bringing high-speed trains to connect Las Vegas and Los Angeles, they tried but failed to secure funds from private investors within the U.S. In fact, they also failed to secure a federal loan of $5.5 billion to realize their project and then everything seemed to stall. Fortunately, after four years of negotiations, XpressWest finally secured a partnership with China Railway International.

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China Railway International agreed to join XpressWest in constructing the rail line and the construction of the 230-mile rail line is expected to start as soon as next September. China Railway International has already provided an initial capital of $100 million to start the project. A completion date or any information regarding the duration of the whole project has not yet been released. The total time it will take for the journey between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is estimated to be around 80 minutes with XpressWest, much shorter than the four hours it would otherwise have taken in a car ride.

A lot of controversy and debate has taken place regarding the construction of high-speed trains in the United States, like this one for example. Some people believe that it’s a good thing, highlighting facts such as the creation of new jobs, the convenience the train would bring to a lot of people and the U.S. keeping up with the current standards of technology all over the world. However, others believe that a project like this would be too costly for the value it proposes.

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Yang Zhongmin, a deputy chief engineer at China Rail Group, was very pleased with the deal. While speaking at a conference in Beijing, he said, “This is the first high-speed railway project where China and the U.S. will have systematic cooperation, it shows the advancement of China-made high-speed railways.”

Source: XpressWest, Gizmodo, Bloomberg

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