Check out this working mini V6 Engine model made entirely of paper


Every now and then, the so-called gearheads come up with great creations, but the construction of miniature engines are definitely among my favorites. So naturally, YouTube channel Aliaksei Zholner really caught my attention with a working paper model of a V6 engine! The miniature piece has all the main moving parts of the real engine like pistons and crankshaft.

The fully functional working model of a V6 engine was made using only paper and some scotch tape. The model runs on compressed air as the video shows.

The channel also shows another incredible engine model: a 4-cylinder in-line engine also made of paper and that works perfectly on compressed air. The video maker explains in some comments that he was building the pieces in ascending difficulty, starting with a small structure with a single cylinder, increasing to four, then finally to the V6.

No details were given on how long it took to build each piece or even on the building process itself, but models were provided in the description of the videos. And you thought your origami birds were something to be proud of.