Check out these epic robots fails

Robotics and AI, it’s often said to be the next big leap for mankind. And robots taking over the world are probably one of the most used doomsday scenarios in movies and novels. But how soon could this become reality?

Robots are nowadays still not able to take over the world

Nowadays robots and AI are being used for all kinds of simple tasks, from feeding the elderly till assembling a car. But they are still not really able to take over the world as is outlined in all those doomsday scenarios.

DARPA robots and drones are still scary

Furthermore, even these simple robots and AI are making really stupid and hilarious mistakes. So up until now we don’t really have to worry about them taking over the world, although we have of course those scary DARPA robots and drones.

But to give you a little peace of mind, check out these hilarious and funny mistakes robots nowadays are making in the video below!