Bill Gates worries about something, we’d do well to take heed

Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world, and not only in financial terms. He also happens to be extremely intelligent, which (let’s face it) probably has a lot to do with the being extremely wealthy business.

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“Seriously, what gives, world?”

Much to the benefit of humankind, Gates has focused his energies on humanitarian efforts in recent years, presumably content with having reached the big high score so early in his life. The thing with solving the world’s problems, though, is that sometimes you run into something that simple financial means aren’t going to just solve. That worries people like Bill Gates.

And, not to make an appeal to authority or anything, but if Bill Gates is worried about something, shouldn’t we be downright scared?

What keeps Bill awake at night

Gates spoke to Vox recently, about how the world has been faring in the last few decades, and in many ways things are looking up. We’re facing more and more problems of luxury in further reaches of the world each day, which is a sign that overall well-being is actually rising, and has been for a while.

They call it a “predictable disaster”, which should probably worry us

There’s just one issue, apart from long-term problems like global warming, that threatens us in a way that scares someone like Gates, and that’s that we are (historically) overdue for an epidemic. And in today’s globalized society, with population centres ever increasing in density, a real public health threat could cost millions of lives.

And that’s a conservative guesstimate.

Maybe don’t play this game for a while.

Want to go through the up-and-down rollercoaster of optimism and despair with the (newly reaffirmed) richest man in the world? Roll on through to the video, and be sure to read the full piece on Vox.