BATBAND Ear-Free Headset Works Via Bone Conduction

An interesting project presented by Studio Banana Things wants to create ear-free headphones. Batband is a headset that works on bone conduction technology to free your ears to the sounds around you while still listening to music or having a phone conversation.


The Batband works by emitting sound waves at certain frequencies that are conducted through the bones of the skull and can only be perceived by your “private” inner ear, therefore freeing your “social” outer ear to other sounds. The headset consists of an arc which has three transducers. These components are responsible for emitting the sound waves that are conducted through the bones. Two of of these transducers are located at the height of the temples, while the third one touches the back of the head.


The device has a built-in microphone that allows for phone calls. The Batband works via Bluetooth and can be connected to computers and mobile devices that support this communication interface. Touch sensors control volume, track forwarding, on-off button and call answering; The headset can be used with the same (or even more) convenience as conventional wireless headphones.



According to Studio Banana Things, the battery can keep the headset running for up to six to eight hours of use. Their Kickstarter campaign has been of great success, having already reached over twice their initial US$150,000 goal. There are still 26 days until the end of the campaign but the cheaper options have already been sold out. You can still get it at US$149 with delivery scheduled for April 2016.



Source and images: Studio Banana Things