Awesome 2D pyro board dances to music


If you’ve ever seen a Ruben’s Tube before you’ll know it’s pretty awesome. A Ruben’s Tube is basically a whole lot of Bunsen burners in a row, and if you play sounds into the tube, you get standing waves. The flame tube demonstrates the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure.

credit: Veritasium/Fysikshow

A two dimensional pyro board that ‘dances’ to music

The guys from Veritasium went to Denmark to visit with a team of physicists and chemists who demonstrate a whole new way of looking at Ruben’s Tubes; namely a two-dimnesion Pyro Board. Can you even imagine having one of those in your high school science classes?

Sune Nielsen and the rest of the team over at Aarhus have created the two-dimensional pyro board by drilling 2500 holes in a steel tube. In thewe video you first see them adding some standard sound frequencies to get standing waves. After demonstrating the various kinds of standing waves you get when you alter the volume, Sune Nielsen adds some music, and the result is just explosive!

Check out the video by Veritasium and be amazed! Also check out the guys from Aarhus’ YouTube channel for more cool stuff!