Airbus’ E-Fan is the first all-electric aircraft to cross the English Channel

About a year ago, Airbus showed off E-Fan, and now they’re back with some news from their all-electric aircraft. Imitating one of the first and greatest achievements in aviation history, in which the French aviator Louis Blériot crossed the English Channel on a plane in 1909, the E-Fan electric plane crossed the skies between Lydd, England and Calais in France, powered only by lithium-ion batteries.


With this technology still under development, Airbus is definitely not ready to replace its airliners with massive electric airplanes, of course, but the news are a major breakthrough in aviation, with the increasing flight range with this type of propulsion.

e-fan-above-calais-port-980x559 efan

The 74km trip took about 37 minutes, and happened on the morning of July 10, a date that should go down in the history of modern aviation. “We now have taken a major step toward series production, which will lead to the development and manufacture of electric aircraft that are safe, reliable and certifiable to airworthiness standards,” said Jean Botti, the Airbus Group Chief Technical Officer

e-fan-take-off-980x552 e-fan-touchdown-980x559 e-fan-calais-in-distance-980x559

Electric aircraft technology is also being developed by other initiatives, such as NASA who is working on a prototype that should work with a series of small propellers. Also, the Swiss plane Solar Impulse 2, currently in the midst of a journey around the world using only solar energy and breaking records while at it.

Source and images: AirBus Group