Air-conditioned clothes designed in Japan to beat heat

We all know and understand the benefits of having air conditioning in the rooms of our homes and offices, but what about air-conditioned clothes? This is exactly what Kuchofuku in Japan have come up with to try and help beat the sweltering heat during power shortages and restrictions against the use of electricity.


[Image Courtesy of Ecouterre]

The demand for clothing with built in air-conditioning is rising due to the earthquake and tsunami along with the closure of the Fukushima power plant. Kuchofuku translates into air-conditioned clothing in Japan and at the moment they cannot meet the demands of orders for the jacket that is puffed with air. It has a design which features two fans built into the jacket on the sides, which drawn in the breeze and help to keep the wearer cool.


[Image Courtesy of Ecouterre]

Kuchofuku has around 1,000 companies as customers and these include companies such as steelmakers, car makers and firms in construction. The idea for the air-conditioned clothing came about after the government in Japan set restrictions of 15% on the use of electricity to stop blackouts. This is when things got creative for saving electricity through the use of the jackets, which employees loved as they could abandon their ties and work jackets.


[Image Courtesy of Ecouterre]

The fans in the coat are connected to a lithium-ion battery that the makers claim will last for 11 hours before it needs a recharge. Wearing the coat can keep the person wearing it cooler than being without a coat as 20 litres of air per second goes through the cuffs of the coat and collar.

The jacket has a price tag of $140 and it is just one part of the air-conditioned products from the company, with others being mattresses and cushions that have the patented plastic mesh system of the company.

Via [Ecouterre]