African student uses old TV parts to build humanoid robot

Many students have science projects to undertake at home but none of them are as cool as the one that Sam Todo from the Togolese Republic in Africa set out to complete. He decided to make his own humanoid robot from the parts of an old TV.


[Image Courtesy of Inhabitat]

Sam called the humanoid robot SAM10 and it is made entirely from the parts taken from an old TV. Now the robot has been built Sam is teaching it to perform simple tasks such as saying hello to people it meets along with avoiding any obstacles that have been set in its path.


[Image Courtesy of Inhabitat]

Of course while they may sound simple enough these are ambitious goals as other humanoid robots that have been constructed have been done so at a much higher cost and made in million dollar labs. Sam made his robot in his garage.


[Image Courtesy of Inhabitat]

At the moment the robot is able to walk only in a straight line but Todo plans on expanding the abilities of the robot. At the same time he is hoping that his project is going to attract the interest of more young people to science, engineering and math.

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[Image Courtesy of Inhabitat]

Via [Inhabitat]