A new great way to trim the hedges: make your own Wolverine style claws!

credit: Fox

Some people either have too much time on their hands, or they’re secretly evil geniuses destined to take over the world. England’s own Colin Furze is one of those rare people who is probably a little bit of both. If you check out Furze’s videos on YouTube, a lot of thoughts will flash though your mind like “Is he completely mental?!” or “He’s kidding right, oh *** he did it!” , but in the end we all have to bow down to this awesome guy and his crazy inventions.

credit: Marvel Studios

One of Furze’s coolest inventions (at least according to me since I’m a comic book geek) is a fully automated set of Wolverine style adamantium claws. Bless the lad, he does know what the people want! Furze’s claws are powered by a pneumatic system, namely pressurised air that comes from his rucksack. With just a push of the button the claws come out (and go back in) to make Furze look like a blond and British version of Marvel’s bad ass anti hero, Wolverine. Definitely check out Furze’s other videos to see what else this lovely lunatic is up to!